WAFFF Studios is the brainchild of Lebanese artist, music producer, and published author, Ralph Ghayad. Although he never learned fashion or design, Ralph has always been well versed in indie art.
Drawing inspiration from art, music, and legendary icons, and believing in the power of artistic production in bringing about a brighter, more positive world, Ralph created WAFFF Studios in 2018.
We did not come up with our brand name overnight. We thought to ourselves, what would be a name that is familiar, inspires people, and makes them feel comfortable? We ended up choosing “WAFFF”, the friendly sound of barking. Also, the fact that it happens to sound like Ralph got us more votes.
Inherently curious, we came across physiognomy, such a remarkable and interesting discipline -- for those of you wondering, it means studying people’s traits and characteristics through facial expressions -- and wondered why it was almost absent in artistic production. Analyzing people’s facial expressions can say a lot about them and can help us form a special connection to them, even if we have never met them. With this spirit of exploration and curiosity, the inspiration behind WAFFF Studios’ aesthetic came to be.
We are often asked to talk about our creative process. The latter is driven by research — an integral part of the creative process at WAFFF Studios. In-depth research into the lives of the featured icons enables our creative process and ensures that each and every one of our pieces resonates with you.
Passion for creativity, writing, music, and design work fuel our work and underpin
everything we make.
Minimalism shapes WAFFF Studios’ approach to design and art. Our artwork features Gibran Khalil Gibran, Sabah, Wadih El Safi, David Bowie, Princess Diana, and others. We are all about paying homage to those iconic legends who have inspired us, contributed immensely to our lives, and are part of our collective consciousness. Our aesthetic uses lines and as few details as possible to bring a portrait to life in a simple, fulfilling, and relatable way.
We honor the most iconic legends through clothing and art. Our creative pieces are a celebration of art and those who make it. We are driven by an ongoing mantra to keep creating what is beautiful, in an accessible way that makes art obtainable for all.
The journey to creating beautiful things is a long and continuous one.